Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oct. 9, 2013

yeah, i'm doing good! i like the new area.. its definitely different than the bronx!! but its not bad. i'm still getting used to being in a car.. i haven't really been able to meet a lot of members yet because we had general conference this weekend so we didn't go to church.. so i saw no members haha we've had a few dinners so that's been nice. its so weird not having dominicans around. those are my peeps!!! me and my companion get along really well! he swam at byu.. so he's legit. and he likes playing other sports too so some days we wake up early and go play ball at the church with some of the other missionaries.. its nice :) yeah.. there's no way i'll be able to go pick up the package.. and i don't know where west street is, so i can't even call other missionaries to have them pick it up for me :/ i think she's just going to have to re-send it.. sorry!aqui espero a el paquete que mandaste!
i'm glad you guys are having fun with Beto and Maricruz. tell them i said i hello and that i love them!! i didn't get an email from dad.. i dont know if he sent one? but tell him i say hi :) haha
today we are gonna go play volleyball and i think we have some good volleyball players in our zone so i think it'll be fun.. and we are gonna go get some groceries cuz we have NO food in our apartment right now. so we've been a little hungry the past few days. but it's okay. things are going well :) i'm happy. and i hope you all are happy :)

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