Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oct. 16, 2013.

this past week was pretty great. we got a new investigator who is SO ready to be baptized. we've had two lessons with him in the past week and we are going back to meet him tomorrow and our 2 visits that we've had with him have been truly amazing. he's surprised us both times with his desire and his understanding of what we teach him.. we are planning to have him baptism in the beginning of november.. we have faith that we can help him do that :) i'm really liking it here. although its not the city or the bronx, which is where all my peoples be, i'm having a lot of fun. i've made some good friends in the zone. we are living quite comfortable in our apartment. the weather is pretty nice still, and all the trees are starting to change color which is amazing! and i'm not too worried about staying in shape because we wake up early everyday to exercise! 3 days a week we work out in our gym and the other 3 days we go play basketball. so i'm pretty happy about that! i think about basketball a lot.. like a lot. frustating at times. hopeful at others. but. we'll see what happens. things are all good here :) today we are just gonna hang out at our apt and play pool and just chill with some of the other missionaries. it should be nice :) i hope you all have a blessed week. Love you all!

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