Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21, 2014.

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What's up! What did President Burnham tell you we had to do? Aww man, today was your last day of school! That's awesome (: and weird.. School out here doesn't get out until the middle of June.. How do you feel about teaching summer school? It's crazy how events mark check points like that.. It makes time pass a little bit faster! Haha that's so awesome that you are getting perfect scores for your "grades" at AT&T.. It doesn't surprise me at all! 
I'm doing great! Transfer are June 11th.. So three weeks from today? In regards to travel, we like to take the bikes as much as we can, but sometimes we are so packed that if we take the bikes we won't make it to all of our appointments on time, so we need to take the car just to save travel time. It's nice having the option of either bike or car.. Especially when it rains, we never have to get wet! Dile a abeto y Maricruz que también los extraño y les mando mucho amor! 

Estoy muy bien!! Y tu? Have you been to the doctor to have your knee checked? Or are you just assuming that you will have to get surgery? That's rough :/ is it the same knee? I'm sure you've told me but I can't remember if it is.. Wait so is dad's work gonna provide the tablets for them? That's really cool! Haha tablets are taking over.. 
Jason is graduating?! That's crazy to me too! Everyone is so grown up.. Also, yes, I've seen pictures of Karla's graduation! And the dinner! Or at least I'll try not to haha! 

We were crazy busy last week. We taught 31 lessons again. Things are going really well for us! We are actually going to have a baptism on Saturday (: I'm pretty excited, it's been almost a year since I've been a part of one.. The guy getting baptized is named Manuel Contreras. He is soooo ready! He is really committed and willing to live the gospel.. When we were at his house on Saturday he told us he was originally planning on getting baptized in September, but when he thought about it he realized he doesn't need to wait that long. So he asked us if he could be baptized on the 24th. We had already taught him everything, so in Sunday he had his baptismal interview and he is good to go (: we have a few other investigators who are sooo close! We may or may not be having another baptism on the 31st.. Una dominicana! We are definitely seeing the fruits of our labors here and I'm so glad. Being in this area/ward and having awesome companions is really helping me stay more focused than I think I would be if I were to be serving anywhere else. 
This weekend we are having a fireside with our mission president, and I think I might be singing a solo for a musical number. It's not for sure, but if I do me and Alexia will be doing the same thing haha kinda cool. 
Today we are going down to Harlem! Gonna go meet some other missionaries at Rucker park to play some basketball (: I'm excited! It should be fun. Then later today we are going to a members home because her son is coming home from his mission and arrives today! And he needs companions until tomorrow when he gets released. But yeah. It's crazy. Life is good, I'm enjoying the work, I'm happy. We aren't hungry, the people here are amazing, we have people to teach.. I really have no complaints! I hope all is well with all of you. One love!! 

Look what I learned how to do! 

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