Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 16, 2014.

My week. And stuff.
Sorry you haven't received any pictures lately. I actually haven't sent any home at all for a long time. The reason is cuz now almost every picture and video gets taken on our iPads.. And I can't send that home haha but I'll see what I can do about sending some home soon. 
So we bought our broadway tickets this week! We bought tickets to watch wicked on July 9th ! I'm pumped :) a lot of my friends out here are going with us so I know that will be an awesome experience! 
This week was pretty good! We met with Carlos and his wife. They are awesome! We taught him about baptism and the Holy Ghost.. He is right now praying about whether or not he wants to be baptized on May 3rd. He is doing so good! At the end of our lesson he said that eventually he would like to be sealed to his family!! Haha so even tho he hasn't officially decided to be baptized yet, we know he has a long term goal of living the gospel with his family. We are super excited for him. Hopefully he gets an answer to his prayers soon! Riding the bikes has been so fun. We're able to talk to a lot more people and lately we've been stopping by some parks and asking if we can play ball with people. We haven't taught any lessons out of it, but we are definitely introducing ourselves to a lot of the youth in our area. Some of them even want to exchange numbers after we play so that they can call us to come play again.. I love it! Hopefully we can turn all of that into something even more positive. 
Today we are going down to manhattan with out bikes.. We're gonna tour the island! We're gonna ride from Harlem down to battery park and probably the Brooklyn bridge and then back up. And on the way back up we are gonna eat lunch up by Times Square kinda. I'm really excited, it should be really fun! We are actually on the train right now from Stamford to the city and I'll just send this email off whenever I have wifi. So yeah. Those are the plans today. I hope all of you have a good week! I love you. Church is true!

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