Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 12, 2014.

Life is good. We had a pretty crazy week! Last Thursday was my birthday.. So that was cool. Friday our roommates went down to manhattan cuz one of them had to see a doctor.. When we came home at night we talked to them and it turned out that elder Sullivan, our roommate, was probably gonna have to go home because of some problems he has been having with his shoulder.. Pap patently it's cheaper to fly missionaries home, get an MRI in Utah, and fly them back than it it is to get an MRI in NY.. So we found that out Friday. Saturday was a bit of a normal day. Sunday I gave a talk in church! About member missionary work.. It was probably the most comfortable I've ever felt giving a talk. So I'd say it went pretty well. Then me and Elder Sullivan sang after I spoke. We sang a medley of Nearer my God to Thee, Be Still my Soul, and I Need Thee Every Hour. It went okay I suppose! Elder Sullivan is really good at singing. So that was Sunday. Monday during our district lunch We got a call saying elder Sullivan needed to be at the mission home by 4.. And it's an hour and a half away from here. So we were super rushed and we left.. So we dropped him off and said goodbye., it was really sad! It's always a weird feeling when a missionary goes home.. I really hope people don't give him grief about going home early, I hate when people do that!! So now that he's gone, I'm in a trio with Elder Encarnacion and Elder Rydalch, our other roommate. This is the second time I've been put in a trio because of someone going home! So yeah while we were down by the mission home we stopped by a members house who was in my last ward and it was so awesome to see that family- the Aguilar's! Mom, I think you and Hermana Aguilar would be good friends, I would always tell her that and I always wanted her to talk to you haha I was going to give her your number but I forgot to get it for her before I left her house.. Then Saturday we got to go down to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with out ward. It was nice to take a little break from the forest and feel the city again. 
So yeah. Crazy week. And we found out that elder Rydalch is leaving Monticello next week during transfers. Meaning that they will be bringing two new elders here just like they did with me and Encarnacion.. Haha there's just a lot going on. As for the work, things are still a little slow. Still trying to get things going. The people here really just struggle with a lot of things.. It's hard. But we are trying.
On a light note, it was 55 degrees yesterday! It was soooo nice, I had my sleeves rolled up, we were driving with the windows down, I was pumped! 

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