Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 9, 2014.

things with carlos are going well. he is really awesome. he came to a few sessions of conference with his wife. he seemed pretty tired after, i think he might've fallen asleep haha but we will be seeing him later this week. we think it won't be long before he gets baptized, but there are still some things we have to teach him before that can happen. 
conference was awesome! its awesome watching conference as a missionary.. it gives the meetings a completely different feel. its weird to think that this one was my last one. but i loved it. my top five in no particular order were Elder Holland saturday morning, elder anderson saturday morning, elder eyring saturday morning, elder nelson saturday morning,elder oaks priesthood, President Monson sunday morning, Elder Bednar Sunday morning.... i realize that thats more than five haha but they gave really good talks! mom i hope you find time to watch the saturday sessions cuz they were really good! 

last p day was good, but it was super rushed. its always a little crazy when we go down to the city. today we're gonna be going to a park by a beach and we're gonna play basketball and volleyball. it should be fun! its 60 degrees today which is SOOO NICE. i think back home that would be a little chilly but to us right now the weather is perfect for playing outside. its wonderful. 
i had an interview with president yesterday. it went really well! he is awesome. we talked a lot about how i can finish my mission strong and how i can still be a good example to others, especially at this point of my mission. out here we have these things called "dying wishes"... some say its a myth.. but its real haha basically its just a name we give to requests missionaries have for the mission president in regards to where they want to serve at the end of their missions and with who. soo i asked him if he could pray about me serving down in harlem before i go home! with elder Kerr. he's also from mesa and we've been wanting to serve together for a long time. he's the AP right now, so i think he's going to ask for the same thing.. so i think there's a decent chance of that happening! but we'll see. i'd be fine to die where i am right now, but i would also be pumped if i could go die in the hood with my friend. so cross your fingers for me. 
thats basically all the news. i'm loving life. things are going well! i hope you all took something from conference this week and are applying it, i know i am! Peace and Love,
Elder Zazueta!

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