Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 26, 2014.

Stamford is pretty awesome. Everyone who serves here says this is the best spanish area in the mission and so far I can easily see why. Our chapel is FULL during sacrament meeting.. All the missionaries stand until right before we start because members need their spots and then before the opening hymn we have to find a place where we can fit.. There are a ton of members here.. And we have 10 missionaries in the ward! It was so funny, my first day here (last Wednesday) we had correlation and it was raining so we ran inside the church and when we walked into the room one of the members asked "elderes como están? " and i responded " estamos bien, pero un poco mojados" .. So The ward Mission leader answers " no se preocupen elderes, todos aquí somos mojados! " hahahaha i laughed so hard it was really funny.. The ward members here are awesome, they help a lot with the missionary work. Most of the people I have met so far have been from Guatemala and Peru, not too many Mexicans here.. But it's been good! My companion is elder Stephens, from Utah. He rode bulls before his mission! Cool right? Me and him both go home at the same time, so neither of us are really the senior companion. But we get along really well, I already knew him from before so I was excited when I found out we were gonna be companions. We also ride bikes here! We share a car with our roommates, so one day we ride bikes, the other we drive. The car we have is a 2014 ford fusion. I love it. It's dope! But yeah it's been really fun so far. It's a lot different than Monticello haha we have a pretty nice apartment too.. The only bad thing is we don't go to a gym.. I feel fatter already! We need to find one that doesn't cost a million dollars.. I am having a good time, we have a lot of work to do in this area so we have stayed pretty busy! I don't think I need anything.. But the end of my mission is coming up soon and that is when we get to go to a broadway play.. Sooooo I'll be needing to save up some money for that! And if I want to go to the Statue of Liberty and a couple of other things that cost money.. So yeah. That's what's new with me! I hope everything is going well back home! Love you all! 

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