Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 2, 2014.

Things are still going well here in Stamford. I love being on a bike! It's actually a lot of fun, and it helps keep me in shape ha it's nice to have a little bit of exercise in between appointments! The work here is so different than my last area.. There's actually work to do! We are teaching a variety of people, so we stay pretty busy! Our most promising investigator right now is named Carlos. I think he's from Guatemala? He's married to Ruth, who is Mexican. She's a less active member.. Well, now she is reactivated, but yeah. We are working with him! He seems really happy when we teach him. On Sunday we had a fireside in which one of the sealers in the temple came to speak and it was awesome. He talked to Carlos afterwards and I heard Carlos tell him that he was planning on becoming a member soon! Haha sooo yeah. We are almost there with him. There are a few other people who are showing good signs as well, so we have a lot of good things on our plate. Yesterday was my companions birthday. It was a good day, although I was on a split so I didn't really get to see him too much. Me and him are the oldest missionaries in our zone physically andddd mission age as well. It's really weird looking at the mission and being one of the oldest.. There's like 10 missionaries that go home this transfer, 8 that go home the next transfer, and then 25 that go home when I do. 
Me and Stephens are going down to the Bronx today! He served in Yankee stadium not too Long after I left that area so we are gonna go visit one of the families that we both love and then we are gonna go play basketball in the projects haha my favorite.. 
I hope you all have had a wonderful week. I'm excited for conference! Wondering if any big things will be announced! It's always nice to have the big guys instruct us on how to become better. Be kind, love one another. Talk to you next week! Adiossss (:

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