Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another week come and go

Last week was good. our investigators are still struggling. not with commandents specifically, but more so just accepting the gospel. the hardest part is getting them to church! people just don't wanna go. if they only knew! i also had to speak in church because my companion didn't want to.. so the three new missionaries ended up speaking. i went last, but i only had like 5 minutes to talk, which i was actually sad about. i had to cut my talk in half! but afterwards the bishop apologized and said he wished he didn't have to cut me off and that he wanted to hear more.. so i guess that's a good thing! i felt really comfortable up there speaking in spanish which is definitely a first. i'm getting a lot more comfortable with spanish, but i still forget some words sometimes.. but the other day was the first time i forgot how to say a word in english. what word? i forgot the word "bottle" haha i could only say it in spanish and my companion had to tell me what it is.. unbelievable! we've been knocking a lot of doors lately.. and we've run into some REALLY interesting people.. mostly just crazy people. they have the craziest theories and blahh blahh blahh its just unreal how many different beliefs are out there. and yesterday was the first time we got kicked out of a building! every apartment building around where we live is usually 6 floors.. so if we manage to get in, we start at the top and work our way down so that we know the superintendent's door last, in case they kick us out we didn't miss anything. but yesterday the superintendent just happened to be on the top floor and we knocked 2 or 3 doors when he came up to us and told us we can't knock his building.. and we ended up teaching him haha he wasn't interested, but after we shared our message with him he was a lot nicer about it.. still kicked us out tho! Mom, i miss your cooking. i still don't even know what to buy when i go shopping haha but i'm surviving. well, it's time for me to go, but i want you guys to know that i love you, and that i worry about all of you! don't worry about me, the big man upstairs has my back! i hope everything is going well :)
Elder Zazueta

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