Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Transfer

I wasn't getting revenge by not sending you a letter haha i just had nothing to write back to! We actually haven't had the opportunity to help with recovering for the storm. but those efforts will begin soon and some of the missionaries in our mission will have the opportunity to go to long island to help clean up and stuff! I have not bought anything yet! but i probably will be soon, seeing as how it's snowing right now! crazy right? wait so how did you fall?? i hope you're okay, remember to ice! and our building actually never lost power during the storm, we were very blessed, just very bored because we weren't allowed out of our apartment for two days haha

I'm not dying from the cold! i'm actually doing pretty okay! and the storm is happening right now, there's snow everywhere! that makes me happy that you get to go to sleep early haha but i'm sorry that it's so differen't with the house being so empty.. you guys will get used to it tho..
Alright now for how things are going. well. everything is okay. and wayyyy different. my companion went home today! well tomorrow, but his mission is officially over today. crazy right? so we were waiting on sunday night for our zone leaders to call us to let us know what was going to happen at transfers... i was especially anxious/nervous because i knew i was gonna get a new companion for sure! so sunday night we finally get the call. and we found out that instead of just four elders living in our apartment, they were going to bring two more to make it a total of six. They told everyone who their companion was going to be, and then they told me that my area was going to be split in half, and then going to be taken over by 2 sister companionships.. meaning that i was leaving. What the heck! at my interview president morgan told me that i was definitely going to be staying in the area, so i thought they were just going to bring my new companion in. but nope. i got transferred! any guesses where? i'll just tell you. I am sitting in a library in bethel, Connecticut. but my area is "danbury" ahhhhh seriously?! haha when i found out i was leaving new york city to come to connecticut i freaked out and was soooo mad.. no more new york, no more NY pizza, no more manhattan, central park, times square.. nothing! and i love the people in my zone, i made some really good friends and i was so upset that i had to leave. but after lots of thought and sleep and reasoning, i realized that i'm here for a reason.. the Lord needs me here, so i need to keep a good attitude and work hard while i'm here. but wait, there's a little twist. after i found out i was coming to connecticut, and after i found out i was going to be companions with elder potter, who was in the mtc at the same time i was.. well.. they told me that i will be speaking portuguese. PORTUGUESE. so as of right now i'm a portuguese elder haha CRAZY! i have to learn so fast because i have no previous training.. but it's crazy right? i know you guys probably like that. but it still hasn't really sunk in. i guess if i can do this right, i'll end up being trilingual.  can't complain there! so yeah.. other than that, nothing has really happened.
my interview with president was really good, but really short. we didn't get to talk a whole lot, we just talked about how i was doing and how i was getting along with my companion. and i also found out that we WILL be able to skype for christmas, that is if we can find somewhere to skype! so that will be awesome, i can't wait!
but yeah mom it's good you haven't sent the package, because i don't live at the same apartment anymore. here is my new address, please get this out asap so that people can mail to my new address and not the old one so i can actually get the mail!
Elder Zazueta
67 hoyts hill road
bethel, connecticut 06801
I'm so glad Karla's wedding went well. send me some food! haha i hope she has a kid by the time i get back.. that'd be wayyyy cool! ahh man i don't know what else to write.. this past week has just been full of surprises. the storm, the new storm, connecticut, and portuguese. i'm so nervous, we have an appointment tonight with someone who only speaks portuguese.. i'm not going to understand anything at all. things just got real haha I Love you guys and miss you all so much.. i can't wait to talk to you guys on christmas. Please take care, and pray that i'll be able to learn the language fast so that i can actually do missionary work haha Los quiero mucho!
-Elder Zazueta

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