Sunday, November 11, 2012

Malo e Lelei !

Has it really already been 91 days? thats crazy.. time is flying by. That's cool that you downloaded a scripture mastery app onto your phone! you will probably be better than me when i get home! It's been hard to memorize a scripture each day.. we knock doors all day, and between knocking doors and going to appointments, i don't really have time to memorize anything! I would do it during my personal study, but i'm trying to learn about things that i don't really know about, and i study to answer questions that people have asked me and that i have no idea how to answer.. so the memorizing is going kind of slow, but it will come! Wait so you finished translating that book finally? good work! are they paying you a lot for it? i'll be waiting for the money! haha and to let you know, yes we are allowed to wear beanies and earmuffs and scarfs and all that.. we gotta stay warm! the weather is actually really nice over here still.. in the 60's for the most part. i still haven't had to use a sweater or anything. but it will get cold soon, so i will need to start buying my winter gear in the next few weeks. That is awesome what Karla and Aaron are doing at the temple! that's a good idea for when I get married haha i'm happy for them.. It sounds like it's gonna be a full house! where are you guys gonna put everyone?! is everyone gonna fit..?

Mother Dear
I'm doing great! and yes, thanks again for my sweat pants, i didn't feel right without them.. Don't worry about sending the other ones soon, i know you are really busy with everything, so do everything you need to do over there, and when it's all done, then you can worry about me! Don't stress! I can't believe Karla is thinking about switching jobs! i thought she had a contract..? where does she want to go? i'm glad beto and alexia are getting along better now.. they need to! especially since they'll be the only ones living there soon.. haha you LIKE cooking for more people?? you should be happy that soon enough you'll only have to worry about 4 people instead of 6.. that will make it a lot easier on you! you're right, Siri has nothing on you! you are definitely way better.. and i do have some picture of all of the cool things in manhattan, but i don't have a whole lot.. there is just so much cool stuff that i don't really know what to take pictures of haha and as missionaries we're not supposed to look like tourists, which is hard not to sometimes ! I can't believe i have friends that are already back from their missions.. the other day i actually had a dream that they were home because Haley told me in a letter ha it was weird! 

Other matters.. things are going good. I DID talk to my companion haha and it worked. he's been moving faster since i talked to him about how i felt, and if he slows down, i move faster so that he'll have to catch up. gotta do what you gotta do! and i'm glad you guys aren't disappointed you can't come pick me up, it will be better when we just go after i'm officially released as a missionary so that i can go dressed like a normal person and do normal person things haha it will be great, and i'll show you guys around as best as i can! Sooo we had the coolest thing ever happen. On saturday the entire mission went to the church in scarsdale where we got to listen to elder D Todd Christofferson. he is officially one of my favorite apostles! he is so smart and spiritual and it was just such a great experience to be able to meet him and shake his hand and listen to him and ask him questions.. and he was funny too! but wow it was amazing to have all the missionaries in our mission there in the same place listening to an apostle.. I'm so grateful! last week our ward had 8 baptisms!!! we are killin it haha not me and my companion, but the other missionaries in our ward. we are all working hard to fulfill our purpose and calling as missionaries. I always thought i knew the gospel pretty well before i got here, even though i didn't have a lot of knowledge of the scriptures.. but coming out here was a reality check. i don't know a whole lot right now, but i can tell you that it's a lot more than i knew 3 months ago! i think we are blessed as missionaries when it comes to gaining knowledge.. we must be! OH. do you guys remember when you wrote down the blessing president burnham gave me?? is there any way you can send that to me? i want to read it.. nothing else is really going on with me.. Today we are going to the world trade center memorial and wall street and to see the big golden bull that's in the movie hitch.. i'm super excited. and i think next week i get to play basketball . WOOHOOO. its been forever. oh, and i'm trying to learn tongan. haha why not, right?! well, time for me to go, they're kicking me off the computer. I Love you guys and please take care of yourselves. and be expecting my letters in the mail sometime this week! hopefully i have time to write you all back. no' vemo'  !

-Elder ZAZueta.

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