Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm not homesick ... yet!

I really hope you all got to watch conference.. it was SOOO good! It's weird watching conference as a missionary. it kinda makes us look at things in a different way. that was the most attention i've ever paid, and i think that's the first time i've ever watched every single session haha but i loved it. Elder Nelson really put the pressure on us.. "If you need help- ask the missionaries. They can help you!" Missionary work is especially slow right now.. for one reason or another, and some days its really frustrating because we won't teach a single lesson. but conference re-motivated me and hopefully everyone else in our mission to step it up. We've really been struggling with out investigators and we've especially been struggling with finding new ones.. I don't know what to do other than to keep on keeping on. hopefully it will pay off soon, because we're not seeing a whole lot of success! In our zone meeting on monday we were told to keep working hard and to not get discouraged because even though we aren't really getting new investigators, we might only be here to plant the seed, and when some other missionary comes they will be the ones who can help certain people actually make that "seed" grow. as for the age .. I don't know what to think of it! 18 year olds and 19 year old sisters?! thats crazy! all of the missionaries were freaking out when that was announced. it made a lot of us reflect on what that would have been like if we were able to go when we were 18.. and then i thought about Beto. What's the plan my dude? Are you gonna go right after you graduate or what? you're so lucky! 

Today we are going to manhattan to see times square and then we're gonna go visit central park! I'm super excited! But it IS really cloudy and was raining earlier this morning so i hope that doesn't mess anything up. I also wanted to play basketball today but nobody else wanted to. 3 against 1.. i'm not winning that battle. and i just want to play basketball all the time, but i never have the chance to. SO i made a basketball hoop! i used cardboard for the backboard and melted the bottom of a bucket off and used the top for the rim. and for the net i cut the sleeve off of an old shirt and cut holes in it so it would look legit. and i hung it up in our apartment. Success? HECK YEAH. we play basketball every night now before we go to bed haha it is so funny and looks really dumb but i actually think its genius, naturally. 

I'm not homesick, but lately i've been missing you guys a lot more! I just want to let you guys know that i'm always thinking of you and hope you are all doing okay. i can imagine things might be a little crazy around the house with karla's wedding coming up so soon! i still expect to see a cut out of me there! Los quiero mucho a todos y espero que todo les va muy bien! Y 'apa, I hope you have the best birthday! tell mom to take you somewhere nice haha i would give you a hug, but i can't reach all the way over there.. Don't worry, i'll be making a chocolate cake and sharing it with my roommates in honor of your coming into the world a long time ago ha I love you Dad. and Mom. and Karla, and Beto, and Alexia. please take care and be wise. and if you didn't get to watch conference.. WATCH IT. 
Con mucho amor,
- Elder Zazueta

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