Sunday, November 11, 2012

September 26, 2012
Mom, Dad, Everyone,
I'm sorry but this email is going to be short. Let me tell you about my day. We woke up, me and Elder Pawlowski Ran, and did the jump work out. My legs are so sore. then we went shopping. afterwards, we had to head to the transfer meeting! it's weird not being "the new guy" anymore. it's so funny to see the new missionaries' faces because i know that's what i looked like six weeks ago. after the meeting (which ended at twelve) everyone stayed at the church and said bye to the missonaries that are going home, and those who were getting transferred said goobye to their companions and their zones. in our zone, we got a new zone leader, two sisters got transferred out, and one of the elders from the trio went home, so now there's only two. after the meeting and everyone's goodbye's a lot of us stayed and played basketball. it was so fun! we got to play full court.. i haven't played full court basketball in FOREVER. it felt so good! even tho the court was small.. we played until three, and then we left and dropped our stuff off at home. then we went to the barber and it took the guy forever to cut my hair.. (i had to take money out of my account to pay for my haircut) so we hurried to the library which closes in like 10  minutes. so i'm writing this super fast! P-day's are supposed to be our " chill " day but it seems like they are the ones where we don't have enough time to do what we need! its nonsense! so yeah. things are going really good, and i've actually not been very cold. It feels so good! weather reports say its been around fifty but really i think it hasn't gone below 60.. so i don't think i'll need to start buying any of my winter stuff for a couple of weeks! no worries! i'm sorry this is so short but my time is out, i promise next week i will write back to this weeks email and next weeks! forgive me. I love you guys. THE CHURCH IS TRUE.

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