Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Portugues is coming ....

... a little slow. it's frustrating when i don't speak the language because there are so many things i want to say but i don't know how to say them.. and i don't really feel like a missionary because my purpose is to teach and invite, but since i don't speak the language very well, i feel like i cant fulfill my purpose, and that's really frustrating! so hopefully soon i can pick it up so that my companion doesn't have to do everything by himself. Dad, we haven't found out who we're gonna go to to skype, but we have a few people in mind, so dont worry, i'm pretty sure we will figure it out! and i have a crazy story to tell you guys, but it'll be lame if i write it out, so remind me when we skype to tell you guys so i can tell it.. you will laugh! anyway what else.. uhmm I don't know if i told you this last time, but i live with my companion and 2 other elders who are our zone leaders. so it's Me, Elder Potter- from idaho, elder bartleson- from utah, and elder Irizarry- from puerto rico! and we actually all get along really well, so we have a lot of fun in the apartment. since i haven't been able to run, i've put a little bit more focused on working out.. so instead of burning all the calories and running the fat off, i'm gonna try to turn all the stuff we eat into muscle. hopefully it works out, i just don't wanna be fat! haha
OH. so this past weekend our stake organized a service event which was so awesome. we took a bus from our church and all went down to long island to help the people who were affected by the storm. we went to queens and everyone split off from there. on saturday, me and my companion tore out the floor boards from some guys house.. it took us like 4 hours! it was so hard, he had just done the floor and remodeled his kitchen and everything when the storm hit. he told us his basement was completely under water and that the first floor (which was 4 ft above ground) was about 8 inches underwater.. but yeah, i was so sore from that and got some nasty blisters on my hands, but to be able to help this man and talk to him made it completely worth it. then on sunday we had church at 8:30 and it lasted 30 minutes, then we all took another bus back to queens to help clean up again. sunday me and my companion went and helped a lady whose house was 6 feet underwater.. 6 FEET! could you imagine seeing the whole neighborhood under 6 feet of water? all of the sheetrock from her walls had been completely destroyed and fallen down, so when we walked into her house all of the sheetrock was on the ground and you could see the wooden boards (the frame of the house) where the wall was supposed to be. so we cleaned the sheet rock from her house and afterward helped some guy do the exact same thing in an apartment complex around the corner. i'm not kidding when i say that me and my companion and one other guy literally cleaned up thousands of pounds worth of this stuff. it was so hard! but so worth it. it really was unbelievable to see the damage the storm caused and to see everything that these people have to go through. it was definitely a very humbling experience and i'm grateful that nothing happened to me and that you guys aren't in danger of anything like that happening to you guys. So please in your prayers include all of the people that were hurt by the storm and all of the missionaries and other people who are dedicating their time to help all of those who are in need, they need the blessings more than we do! I hope we get to go again soon, the missionaries in the New york new york south mission have been cleaning nonstop since the storm hit, and there is still a ton of stuff to do. Please be careful and take care of yourselves. and let the family know that i love everyone! Eu amo a todos voces!
Happy Thanksgiving :)

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