Thursday, July 25, 2013


soo i'll just direct this towards everyone, but i'll answer dads questions first! there are 18 missionaries in my zone, including a senior couple. we have 2 districts, and next transfers we might get another two companionships added to our zone. yeah i still go to the same chapel i went to at the beginning of my mission, so i see a lot of the people i used to see! there are four of us in our apartment. the other 2 elders are in the spanish ward! uhmm,, we don't get fed that much, but we're working on it haha getting friendly with people so they'll want to have us over a little bit more! the work here in this area is a lot different than the work in my last area. the spanish/english culture difference is pretty big. it's still a little weird for me praying in english and sharing the gospel in english and having church in english haha this is the first time in my life where i go to church in english all the time! so it's weird. I'm having so much fun tho, although me and Portillo have a lot of responsibilities in our ward and our zone, we get along really really well and we think alike so we're always on the same page and we both like to have fun, so we always try and it always works! the people we are working with.. we have a few people who are almost ready for baptism, they just have to show a little bit more of a commitment on their part. but i guess we can say that about everyone haha but it's all good. today has been a little crazy, we were running around manhattan trying to find suits and shoes and stuff.. i bought new shoes! they're cole haan.. sooo nice! haha i don't think i'm ever gonna wear them. we haven't even eaten yet, i'm so hungry. i think i'm gonna buy a suit within the next couple weeks, then i'll wear the new shoes :) 
so i forgot to tell you guys this last week. but at our leadership conference a couple weeks ago president announced that the church is getting ready to move to apple. as in pretty soon, each companionship is gonna have an iphone and an ipad. crazy right? he told us that we really have to stress obedience to the missionaries in our zones because as a mission he doesn't feel like we're ready to be able to handle an opportunity like that.. so hopefully we can all be good boys and girls so we can have that! i'm so excited!! so yeah. 
this cycle has gone by so fast, we're already on the second half.. these past few weeks have flown by! i'm coming up on a year, and it doesn't feel like it at all. i still feel like i could learn so much more! but yes, dad, i have learned a lot, and i have a little bit more experience than i did when i got here.. and i'm excited to see what's in store for me this next year. bout to do work!! haha i'm sorry i don't have much of an update for this week. i'll try to make something exciting happen so i have a cool story for next week cool beans? love you guys, take care, be safe, all that jazz! byee!

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