Thursday, July 25, 2013

June 26, 2013.

So this past week was pretty cool! last week me and portillo were feeling a little adventurous and we decided we wanted to play some kids in basketball.. so we sat down at the park and after like 3 minutes some kid came up to us and asked us if we wanted to play. perfect. we played for a bit and then played some kids in 2 on 2, the deal being if we win, we take their information and they sit down for at least one discussion. needless to say, we got their information and will be visiting them soon! on saturday our whole district had the opportunity to come down to manhattan because our ward has lack of priesthood, so they asked the missionaries if we could come help them in doing baptisms for the dead. so we got to come down and do that, it was so cool! i always love seeing different temples and the different parts of them. although we couldn't do baptisms, we helped with confirmations and being witnesses for the baptisms. it was a good experience. today we went to H&M and i bought myself the suit for a total of like 100 bucks. and we heard there are trampolines at nike world, so after this we're gonna go head down there and see if it's true. and then we're gonna go to the temple and play some basketball. so it looks like we have a good day in store :) well, no other news. but know that everything is good! right now we have a baptism lined up for the 9th of July. splash!!!! haha have a good week guys. I love you!

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