Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 3, 2013

other things. 
this past week happened so fast. this transfer is pretty much over! transfers is a week from today and on saturday we find out if we're gonna be staying or going. and on sunday we were talking to one of the AP's and he said that they almost transferred me back to spanish.. so i don't know if i'm staying here or what.. i have no idea what's gonna happen! hopefully me and portillo stay together and hopefully elder berryman stays with us too- the big 3! although this isn't my favorite ward, this is definitely the most fun i've had on my mission. so know that i am enjoying myself very much :) the work is a little rough here in this area. we have been working really hard, but the results haven't exactly been reflecting our efforts... it's all good tho, we know what we're doing! we have a baptism lined up on tuesday the 9th, for a girl named daniela. she's 12.. her 2 older sisters were baptized like 2 months ago and she said she wanted to too so we've been working with her since i got here and she's finally ready! and we just had a girl move in from another area in the mission and she told us her little brother who is 13 also wants to be baptized, so we just started working with him too. we just seem to be having some luck with the youth! counting our blessings. today we are going to the beach as a zone because it's the last of the cycle.. hopefully it doesn't rain so we can still go! should be fun :) love you guys, be safe!!!

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