Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 10, 2013.

This past week was good. we had the leadership council so it was nice to go and see president and all of the other zone leaders in the mission. the weather has been so nasty here haha i hate it. hot, rainy, and super humid. blegh! it seems like the work has been going a little slow, but we DID have a baptism yesterday! and everything went smoothly :) sometimes it seems like we are working hard with little results, but then we see the tender mercies and the miracles that Heavenly Father puts in our path as well, so we are grateful for everything we have! transfers was today as you guys already know, so it's been a super busy day. luckily we have a little bit of time to email and i get some time to upload pictures, yay! haha hope you like them. 

2. at the beach!
3. new suits!

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