Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June 12, 2013.

Life is good! the yankees game was dope! there was like 100 or so missionaries there, it was pretty legit. i took a bunch of pictures. you will see them soon! it was cool because i got to see a lot of the missionaries i've served with in my other zones. being a zone leader is weird. but cool. i don't feel any different , which is good i suppose. we have the mission leadership meeting last friday and it was awesome! president talked a lot about serving those who are in our zones, and that our main job is to love them and help them grow and develop as missionaries, and if our area takes a hit because of it then its fine. he also said that being a leader is the opportunity to have the same responsibilities as everyone else and more. so i am grateful for this opportunity. me and my companion get along really well, we are so much a like haha i laugh just thinking about it. we have a lot of fun. and one of our district leaders is elder berryman, the one who was in the airport with us the morning i left, remember? well yeah. he's like our twin. so we're triplets. the big 3. haha we have a lot of fun together! yesterday we had interviews with president. it was so great. we had a really good talk about leadership and some qualities that i have and could perfect and a lot of other things that he told me to think about. and it was awesome, it motivated me a lot and i feel like there could be some great opportunities coming my way. hopefully i can do what he asked. it's so funny being around the spanish ward, they are still coming up to me asking me to go have dinner at their house and not asking their own missionaries. we will fix that so we can all get fed  :) that's pretty much it for my update, things are going great. i love the work. i love the bronx. i love all of you. please have a good week ! byeeeeee!

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